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Healthy breakfast

The staple food is an indispensable food for three meals a day. It mainly contains carbohydrates and is one of the indispensable nutrients for human body. There are many kinds of staple food, such as steamed bread, noodles, steamed buns and pancakes. Of course, these staple food are the main staple food in the north. In the south, the main staple food is rice, and there will be different characteristics of pasta. These are also It's all part of the staple food.

Flour is the most important material for the main food of pasta. It has a wide range of uses. Almost all kinds of pasta can not be separated from flour. Flour is a general term. There are many kinds of flour that can be subdivided, such as high gluten flour, low gluten flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour, etc. in addition to coarse grain flour, the basic flour is milled with wheat germ, which contains a lot of flour Because the rough bran part of the taste is removed, the flour made from this part has a very good taste, and the color of the pasta is white and bright. Now most of the flour sold on the market is refined flour, that is, the most refined part of wheat. When starch enters the body, it will be converted into a large number of sugar powder, which will increase the accumulation of fat accordingly.

So how to make the staple food become nutritious and low in calories? In addition to eating coarse grains directly, refined white noodles can also add some coarse grains, which can not only increase the nutrition of coarse grains, but also reduce the body's heat accumulation. There are many kinds of coarse grains, among which corn flour is the most common and nutritious coarse grain. Corn contains a lot of lecithin, vitamin E, linoleic acid and other nutrients, which has the effect of lowering blood pressure, reducing blood fat and defecating.

There are many ways to eat corn flour. You can make corn flour pancakes or make porridge directly. It's simple and nutritious. It's low in calories. Coarse food is a very healthy food. It's very good for your health to eat more such coarse food at ordinary times.

There are two kinds of corn flour: coarse and fine. Most of them are sold on the market now. Their texture is very fine. Although they taste very good, they will destroy the dietary fiber in corn if they are milled too fine, which will weaken the benefits of coarse grains to the body. When purchasing, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is coarse or fine. Each purpose is different. It is suggested to cook gruel for coarse ones. For fine ones, it can be used with flour to make some pasta, reducing the proportion of flour, and eating it will be more nutritious and healthy.

Spring is a good season, but also an appetite season, eat every meal to ensure the health of the body, every meal in addition to ensuring the intake of vegetables, meat and eggs and other nutrients, but also to ensure the intake of carbohydrates, every nutrient is indispensable, well, today's share here, thank you for reading!